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Election Day October 19th:

Unlike previous Elections in our recent memory – there is a predicted high voter turn out anticipated especially with an election this close. Do yourself a favour – Vote Early instead of leaving to later in the day – It Will Be Busy! Remember your voter card if you have one, and at least two pieces of ID or a government issued photo id with your address on it!

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Why I am Running

In his Own Words…


Dear Residents Of Winnipeg South Centre,

“I have been motivated to run for the Green Party in 2015 by the profoundly disturbing direction in which the Harper Government is taking the country I love.  Among other things, I am deeply concerned about our chronic and growing democratic deficit, the gutting of environmental laws, growing inequality and our failure to end child poverty, and the wholesale abandonment of evidence-based policy making by the Federal government. Taken together, these trends result in massive economic waste, unfair legislation, lost human potential, and all round bad decision making by the Conservative Government in Ottawa.

 As a concerned citizen, I feel compelled to step up and stand up for what I know to be true. Government policy and legislation has to be driven by evidence not ideology.  We have to reverse the erosion of our democratic traditions, and we have to make reducing poverty and inequality a cornerstone of Federal policy.

 If elected in Winnipeg South Centre, I will work vigorously to promote these principles in the next Parliament.  I will also do my best to live up to the work ethic and devotion to service exemplified by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

 As party leader and MP, Elizabeth brings long experience and knowledge of parliamentary procedure into the work of government. She was elected MP for Saanich Gulf Islands in 2011, and in 2012 she was voted best MP by her peers in the House from all parties, both hardest working and best constituency MP in 2013, and best orator in 2014. She was the first MP to publish all of her expenses online, starting the first day she took office and  raised the bar on accountability well before the Duffy scandal hit the news.

 Finally, as a Green Party MP, I will not be bound by rigid party discipline in which party leaders dictate MPs` voting choices. Green MPs` votes are their own. While Greens strive to achieve consensus, they are free to vote according to their consciences and the best interests of their constituents. As a Green MP, I would therefore be able to vote independently and make the interests of the residents of Winnipeg South Centre my first priority. Thank you for your interest and I ask for your support and vote in this election.”

– Andrew Park

A Short Biography of Andrew Park is available Here 



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